Monday, November 2, 2009

sketches and finished work

I was at a friend's house, and drew their boxer dog. Such huge jowls! And moar shoes!

My friend Sarah drawing as well. I forgot the very first page in the first sketchbook because I'm so used to only drawing on one side in my regular sketchbook. x_x So this one isn't too elaborate, but I like it. It was a challenging angle to draw.

This is the front cover of my second sketchbook for Concept drawing class. It was so bright red, I couldn't think of what else to draw. I wish it was more symmetrical. Here's to trying to finish another 100 page sketchbook by the end of the semester! I'm going to try!

A C project done in my concept drawing class. Done from sketch to finish in a bit over two hours. The prompt was to draw this box, and whatever we wanted to be inside of it. And when let to wander, my brain likes to come up with monsters. So these poor guys are critters from Pandora's box placed back in the wrong container, and horribly afraid for their well being.

Finally, something I did to unwind. I've been starting to drag as the semester draws to a close, so being able to just doodle something without worrying about things like anatomy or composition was nice. I intend to transfer this to some watercolor paper and pick at it here and there when I have the time as a de-stresser. I'm very fond of it. :3

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