Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hands make me think of monsters

More hands drawn durring Eastern Religions class. I love the class, but it doesn't require note taking, so I have to keep my hands busy while I listen. Therefore, I draw...hands. And then today while in Panera waiting to get my portfolio back from the department review I drew an arm monster. He's very frustrated with having so many arms to deal with. I would be too.  This sketchbook is supposed to be for life drawings, but I couldn't help myself. One monster in the whole book shouldn't hurt anything.

Speaking of monsters, I'm thinking of starting on another monster book. First I need to finish editing the text for my Beastiary of Bottomdwelling Monsters though. But what I was thinking of doing, is like, a book of monster portraits. The premise would be that on each right page, there would be a full page image, and on the left, a blurb about the picture. It would be written in first person, and it would be me explaining the story behind each monster, and how it was to work with them to draw their portraits. And I think the chapters would be divided by stages of a monster's life. So some would be like high school photos, others like wedding photos, family portraits, and then some srsbsns classical photos. Like when people go to get those old time western photos done.

Imagine it. A picture of an adolescent monster in headgear to gnarl it's straight teeth. HOW ADORABLE IS THAT? I'm probably going to finish editing my first book over winter break (so I say) and then work on the next book this upcoming summer break if I don't start sneaking in pictures before then.

Here's a piece from my Bestiary of Bottom Dwelling Monsters book. It's a book I did for an AFO class here that labels and discusses monsters living under the beds of people around the world. It's 35 full color images. That I had to make in 5 weeks. Never again. x_x  The book is, geeze, over a year old now, but it still stands ok as far as quality.

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