Monday, November 30, 2009

Crunch time

Not a very good photo WIP of my painting. x_x

Gotta love those blank, vacant eyes. I'm using my boyfriend Chris as the subject, seeing as how he's always here, and easy to get to model. I know the hand looks super weird, but honestly, in the photo it's really that odd. I actually was worried I gave him too many fingers at first. XD Just because of how much space that hand is taking up.

I'm going to TRY and get this under painting part done by Wednesday afternoon. TRY. Here's hoping. x_x I  can probably get about three more little painting sessions in before that class. And then I have until Dec. 9th to finish this. UGH. So much work to do in about a week. It's pretty ridiculous. Gotta love those big end of the semester projects.

And on a totally unrelated to school note, here's a sketch study I did of a folk singer I enjoy called S. J. Tucker. I've gotten an idea of a piece I'd like to do as a bit of an homage to her, so I'm doing sketches to figure out her face shape and the like. Should be fun. 

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