Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Vacation doodles

Life drawings done while on vacation in Upstate NY. The left is my second cousin's rocking horse, who was missing an ear, and the right is a clover flower. I didn't know what to do at the bottom, so the hands were a second thought, resulting in some not so good composition.

I've got a bit of a hand motif going on lately. Trying to get more confident with drawing them. The hand on the left is mine, and the monster is more just filler. The right is a combination of two photos I took at Holywood Cemetery.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Digital Drawing Portfolio

For digital drawing our final was to make a DVD portfolio. The portfolio was supposed to represent our body of work, so naturally, that meant monsters for me. Everything here was hand made by me, all the monsters cut out by hand, I made the envelope, everything. the circle bit on the inside is supposed to have all my contact info, but I blurred out my address and phone number since this is going on the internet.

Glass plaque mold

This was my first asignment in my kiln casting class. Make a glass plaque mold. It could be of whatever we wanted, so long as it was a plaque. Naturally, this turned into another excuse to make a monster. This was my first time working in clay (to make the plaster mold) in ages, and a lot of fun.

Glass Gun redux

Here's better shots of my botched glass gun. We're almost certain what happened was the mold was just simply too long, and the glass didn't stay at temperature for long enough, and it just didn't fill all the way. An interesting fluke to be sure.

Glass Death Squid

I'm going to apologize in advance for the forthcoming spamming. I finally got around to documenting all my 3D work from the spring semester, so you're getting it all at once! To start, here's my death squid. It's a piece from my glass kiln casting class, and the assignment was to make an organic form.