Monday, November 9, 2009

Inspiration Post

I found a website for someone who does amazing concept art and I decided to do a bit of an artistic inspiration post.
This guy did some of the concept work for Uncharted 2. I love how detailed it is. I don't think it's 100% digital painting though. Looks like it might be a collage of photos, 3D renders and photoshop. I could be wrong though. I would love to learn how to utilize Ps like this though.
I really wish he had some of his black and white up to show to you. It's so clean and amazing.
Here's his blog. I love how angular and geometric his work is. And once again, his black and white work is to die for. I want to learn how to use positive and negative space as well has he does.
Tiffany showed me this guys work. I think she said he's a friend of her moms? I love the use of fine lines and minimalism against the bold thick and textured spaces. I'm also a sucker for the black and white work.
Yoji Shinkawa is probably one of my biggest inspirations. I took into seriously learning how to use my brush pen because of him, and he's inspired me to work on getting stronger with black and white as well as a limited color palette. I absolutely adore the textures he gets out of his materials, and how loose he is with the inking.

There's tons of other artists that I look to for inspiration, but these are probably the ones that make me want to draw after I look at their work and want to improve.

Who are your inspirations? What artist makes you want to draw?

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