Saturday, March 6, 2010



Since it was first friday, and the shows were all closed by the time I was done in the crafts dept, myself, Tiffany and Sarah all got together and drew each other.  Each drawing was about 10 minutes, since none of us are professional models, and holding poses past that really sucks. What we're thinking of doing, is every first friday getting together, and possibly bring some kind of interesting prop to interact with to draw each other. This would give us all practice with clothes and with people interactions with objects, so I'm all for doing it. We each got about six pages out of this in about two hours or so. 

I drew Tiffany saying arg because she was covering one eye, and we were calling her a pirate. :B It was fun! A relaxed atmosphere, no rush between poses, and we could break any time it was needed. 

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