Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Misc life sketches and doodles.

We had a drawing day in my concept class, and we watched V for Vendetta, pausing the movie on occasion to draw the still. This is the one I like the most. I really love her hair in that scene. If only I could have done this one in color. The lighting and the blues with the dust specks in it were great.

Some 5 minute drawings from SOCA (society of communication arts). The guy had some really great arms and legs to draw. So lean. I tend to enjoy these 5 minute ones because I get down just enough information to read that it's a person in that time.

One of the last drawings from a night at SOCA. I had 20 minutes with this one, and I slowed down a bit. I wanted to try and get a lot of line variation in it. I wish I'd had more time to get the values in places darker, but ah well.

Just a werewolf doodle I did for fun. I don't draw as many monsters as I used to, and with Halloween down the road here, I've been getting to urge to do so. No refs used, so I'm sure something here is wrong haha. I'd like to take human and wolf anatomy and try to fuse the two together though, and do an anatomy study on werewolves for fun.

More hands. I need to snag someone else's hands so I get more of them interacting and from more views. the pencil doodles were me not being able to control the compulsion to draw monsters. After beating Uncharted 2, along with my world religions class talking about Buddhism, I've had the itch to draw Buddhist like demon critters. None of these doodles are referanced from anything, just stuff from my own subconscious wanting out on paper. There's also the Buddhist wheel up there on the left. :B

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