Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Figure drawings in ink

A sketch post, in which I post figure drawings that only I am sure to like.

Had a get together with friends, and we all took turns posing and drawing. About half way through we moved over to gesture drawing, which happens to be my favorite. It gives me an excuse to be super loose (I usually worry too much about accuracy) and have fun with the medium. This time around, it was ink, in different forms. The first set there is with a brush pen. Then I moved on to using a crow quill and bamboo quill, and experimenting with it and water. It started off pretty rough, but by that end image there, I’d found a way to work with it I liked.

While these may look like glorified scribbles to some, I’m actually rather happy with them. I like the amount of movement here. The amount of abstraction. My work tends to get too stiff for my liking. I want to bring some of this life into more finished pieces.

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