Saturday, October 23, 2010

Dr. Sketchys and SOCA

SOCA! We had a pair model for us. I tried a few new ideas for how to do these, and the first one of using watercolor and colored pencil flopped, so I went back to using pen. I was sick this SOCA, so these aren't too accurate, as I was like "buh, wish I could breathe and hear..." haha. I tried to focus more on value and modeling rather than anatomical perfection (obviously). I think next SOCA, depending on the model, I'll be focusing on parts of the form, and not trying to draw the whole thing. 

 And these last two are from the last session of Dr. Sketchy's. It was a voodoo theme, and the model Rio bought her adorable pet snakes with her to model with. They were so cute! The first one here was a challenge of trying to draw her as she was dancing, since our model is also a belly dancer.

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