Saturday, September 11, 2010

figure week.

The only two poses from SOCA I really cared for. The last one my friends said we should all draw her as a cool demon chick so I did. Despite not being on the ball that session it was lots of fun.

From the session today at Dr. Sketchy's RVA. Our first male model (Parker Galore). He was lots of fun to draw. Did some great poses, and had some awesome costumes. This page was just 5min a piece, and I was working more on just loosening up rather than being dead accurate.

My brush pen ran out of ink so I had to move over to using a brown micron for the rest of the session. Gladiator gear!

The second pace was a Pan costume. I took the mask and made it his actual face. We had to draw him with some other mythical creature in a setting.

Same thing with making the mask his actual face. The unicorn was actually a hobby horse. I BSed what little horse anatomy I knew to make it a real unicorn. :P

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